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We Are All Free: Galatians 3:27

If we look at the fact that slavery is not legal anymore and it has not been for a very long time why are we still having issues among certain groups of people for being minorities. Paul is trying to share to the Galatian believers that they are all free. They are all considered the same according to how Jesus views them. He views us that way today too.

So as Christians who are free how do we act in that freedom. I personally think we do treat others the same as we want to be treated. We will see Paul teaches on that very topic later in this letter to the Galatian believers.


I have been treated in a negative way because of both my skin color, my religion, and my country of origin. All of these were in countries that claimed freedom for all people. It is so important that we not treat anyone different but that we strive to teach our children not to have those same negative thoughts against people of a different race. I am sure we all have friends that talk about how their grandparents used to tell them to watch out for certain people in school because they did not come from good stock. Please do not let your children hear such junk. Our kids worldview comes directly from us as parents as we watch TV and react and say things.

It is hard for us to remember that because we are free, we have a choice. We have a choice to treat others with respect and kindness. We have a choice to be different, now I can say that those of us that are followers of Christ we do not have a choice. We are commanded to treat people from different races and ethnicities with love and respect. Just as we want to be treated. We are commanded to love one another. Because we believe that Jesus expects this out of us then once again, we are called to a higher standard. We are called to live different lives in order to treat all peoples, even those of a different color with love and respect. This is what Paul was teaching the Galatian believers and mirrors what Christ taught the disciples. We can have an impact on racism in our communities if we show others this awesome love and kindness.