The Church, Missions & Technology

Loving Missionaries

Everyone talks about how much they love and appreciate those that have been sent out of the local church to the nations. However, most missionaries that I talk to do not experience this love and appreciation on a regular basis. It got me thinking about how we can love missionaries in ways that are biblical and practical at the same time.

Taking my notes from Gary Chapman, author of The 5 Love Languages, who knows a little about love and demonstrating that love in practical ways will help us in our conversation. We will look at how the church can love on missionaries through the five love languages in order to make sure that missionaries are loved and cared for by the local church.

If you do not know a missionary to love on, please let me know and I will get you in contact with one who needs a little extra love from a church seeking to be a great partner in the Kingdom.

I pray that you will take these thoughts and suggestions and apply them to missionaries you support. Remember missionaries desire relationship and community from supporting churches and I pray this will encourage you to continue to support these people who go to extreme lengths to share the gospel with people groups who have never heard the name of Jesus.

The First Post

As this is the first post on a new blog I thought I would start out by sharing with you a little history about myself and a few of the topics that I will write about over the course of the next year.
My name is Phillip and I am from the wonderful state of Tennessee. I am a Vol fan but not like those you see on TV. My family and I just moved back to America after living abroad for over nine years. My wife and I have three beautiful girls under the age of 10. And like most who return to a home culture after living abroad, I am in a season of transition.
The Church
After being away for a few years we did not have the opportunity to attend what many in America call a traditional worship experience. We mostly attended small house churches. Because of our experiences during that time I will look at some of the differences between house church and the traditional American church. I will share a few other comments about the church and some encouragement for the church to continue to make healthy disciples of all nations.
Outreach & Missions
We had many wonderful experiences as cross cultural Christian workers overseas and I will share some of those both good and bad, wonderful and frustrating experiences about life and work living abroad. I will start out with talking about how friends, family, and sending churches can better care for church planters living abroad.
I have a strong desire to use technology to assist the advancement of the gospel. Most churches and ministries today are five to seven years behind technologically. I will talk about new technologies for churches and church planters. Advancement in the church can cost money and for those with extra budget, it might be good to spend funds on a few strategic items to help your church and missionaries. I will also talk about a few uses of technology that do not require financial investment.