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We Are All Free: Galatians 3:27

If we look at the fact that slavery is not legal anymore and it has not been for a very long time why are we still having issues among certain groups of people for being minorities. Paul is trying to share to the Galatian believers that they are all free. They are all considered the same according to how Jesus views them. He views us that way today too.

So as Christians who are free how do we act in that freedom. I personally think we do treat others the same as we want to be treated. We will see Paul teaches on that very topic later in this letter to the Galatian believers.


I have been treated in a negative way because of both my skin color, my religion, and my country of origin. All of these were in countries that claimed freedom for all people. It is so important that we not treat anyone different but that we strive to teach our children not to have those same negative thoughts against people of a different race. I am sure we all have friends that talk about how their grandparents used to tell them to watch out for certain people in school because they did not come from good stock. Please do not let your children hear such junk. Our kids worldview comes directly from us as parents as we watch TV and react and say things.

It is hard for us to remember that because we are free, we have a choice. We have a choice to treat others with respect and kindness. We have a choice to be different, now I can say that those of us that are followers of Christ we do not have a choice. We are commanded to treat people from different races and ethnicities with love and respect. Just as we want to be treated. We are commanded to love one another. Because we believe that Jesus expects this out of us then once again, we are called to a higher standard. We are called to live different lives in order to treat all peoples, even those of a different color with love and respect. This is what Paul was teaching the Galatian believers and mirrors what Christ taught the disciples. We can have an impact on racism in our communities if we show others this awesome love and kindness.

Correction Must Happen: Galatians 3:1

Starting in the 3rd chapter of Galatians we can see Paul at a very frustrating point. He is upset because the believers have been manipulated into believing something that is not true. So Paul spends a few sentences correcting them with some of the harshest language in the New Testament.


When we see our brothers and sisters in Christ not acting as Christ teaches, we must correct such actions. Here is how this works in biblical community. First, you correct the person in a one on one setting. If that doesn’t work then you and another member of your community need to go and try to correct that person. I know what you are thinking. Phil, I have never seen this in my church. If that is the case I am so sorry. Correction must happen. Church leaders need to speak to members of congregations they lead in order to correct false actions. It is the responsibility of the church to correct members of the church and when that does not happen accountability cannot exist and pretty much anyone can do anything he or she wants and still call themselves Christians. I am not saying this is the main reason the church is in such bad shape today, but I am saying it is a contributing factor to poor church health all across America.

I want to go one step further. What if members in the church are corrected for their actions. But lets say that people not connected to your church or any church for that matter do not correct their actions and still discriminate people based on skin color. Will we make a difference? Oh course we will. We will treat others with respect. We will treat those that might be hostile against us with love. Why will we do this, because Jesus commands us to, and it is how we want to be treated.

I want to add one little piece to this even though it doesn’t feel like it from Paul’s tone in this passage. We must correct one another in love. This is one of the most difficult things to do in the body of Christ.

We Need To Tell Our Story: Galatians 1:16-2:8

In this section, Paul shared about his journey to bring them the gospel. It is so important to listen to one another and hear where we are all coming from. We tend to have different experiences depending on our race and where we grew up. I personally grew up in Tennessee. I did not have a lot of exposure to African Americans. Even in college they were few and far between. It wasn’t until I moved to New Orleans did I learn a great deal about African American culture. The roles flipped and for once I was the minority. I was the only Caucasian guy on my line at work. For a short season I experienced what it felt like to be treated a little different. Then, I moved overseas to the Middle East. Where I became even more of a minority. Laws for discrimination are not enforced in this unnamed country. Caucasian people, from America or Europe, were all treated different. We normally paid double price for items because of the color of our skin. Because of my experiences living among those of a difference culture, I am able to understand life from an outsider perspective. This helps me not to be too quick to judge or place blame in a particular direction.


This is why it is important for us to share stories of our journey in life with people of another race. It helps build relationships and allows us to see more of who we are. It is a whole lot harder to get angry with someone if you know and understand more of their background and where they come from when they express hurt over an incident in your community.

Paul shared a part of his journey so the believers in Galatia would have a better understanding of Paul’s motives in encouraging them not to listen to false teachers. As you develop friendships with people from other backgrounds share your story. Share parts of your spiritual journey in order to better bridge the gap and encourage everyone to treat each other as you want to be treated.

How Quick We Turn. Galatians 1:6

Today Race is a hot topic. I find it a little strange even though I grew up in the South and heard rumors of racial junk going on in churches across America. I think people were scared to react in a way that was counter cultural at the time. When I graduated college I began my career towards being a minority. I moved to New Orleans Louisiana to start seminary and quickly got a job working at UPS. I had entered the minority section of UPS. I didn’t have a problem with it because I was planning to move overseas and I would be an even bigger minority. I just considered it training for the future. During my time at UPS I learned a great deal about African America culture. I learned about the ethics they support and deny, I also learned about the sub culture of African American Christians and of course their worship style. After my educational time in New Orleans I moved overseas and lived among different Arab people groups for almost ten years. Learning they too have Racism that fuels their various sub-cultures. So Racial Issues do still exist in the world. And let me tell you it is much worse in the Middle East.


Paul in his letter to the Galatian believers talked a great deal about race. In the beginning of the letter he was shocked at how quickly the believers turned their backs on one another and really on Christ. He was shocked at how quick they turned their back on the teachings of Christ. When racial tensions start to flare we as believers must not be quick to turn our backs on what Christ teaches us and how He instructs us to treat one another.

In the original language of the New Testament this phrase turning away is more complex than just forgetting what someone taught you. Its meaning is more filled with trading sides in a game or better switching allegiances of a country. We must remember that we are human. We must remember that as believers we must care for all peoples of this earth. When my girls leave the house I remind them of who they are, and whose they are. When we remember whose we are it helps us to remember who we are and how we are supposed to treat others. In a future post we will talk about the importance of the Golden Rule but as for now let me remind you that Jesus expects, instructs, and commands every person that claims to be a believer to treat one another in the same way that we want to be treated. As Paul was saying in the first chapter of Galatians, we cannot turn our backs on the teachings of Christ because an individual or group with a different skin color does something harsh to another. We must stand for the teachings of Christ remembering that His teachings are for all peoples.